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                                                                             Carbon Trading   Green up the planet and reverse Global Warming  




Planting a better future for the planet

 Plants made our atmosphere breathable millions of years ago when the earth was freshly forming by absorbing greenhouse gases.

 They made food for themselves by capturing the suns energy and taking in Carbon Dioxide, a by-product of the reaction was Oxygen.

 Most scientists agree that having too much Carbon Dioxide (Green house gas) in the atmosphere is a large contributor to Global Warming.

 Carbon Dioxide is released from the burning of fossil fuels. Coal power stations are the largest contributor as we rely on them for electricity.

 Humans around the planet have cleared large areas of forests to make way for agriculture and housing. We need to restore the balance and re-forest the areas that have been cleared and our urban spaces.

 By planting more plants (especially trees) in our urban environments we can contribute to the challenge of combating Global Warming.

 Plants are the most affordable and beneficial carbon-sinks we have in our arsenal. They provide a way we can soften hard architectural landscapes and improve the environment on a global scale.