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                                                                        Functional Designs   Plan your new garden to grow in all the right places    

Plant Order designs functional gardens that suit your local conditions       



Landscape Plans

Every successful landscaping project begins with a plan.

Your landscape plans are custom designed to suit your home.

 Plans ensure that your garden is functional and the plants and  selected materials are in harmony with your home and needs.

You can get the process under way by measuring out your site. 


Digital Imaging

Digital photography can help you visualize your garden project.

Images of plants can be used to create artistic impressions.

Achieving a balance of colour, form and texture becomes a lot easier to see with real plant images applied to your home.

You can Imagine a new garden without the guesswork.




3D Modelling

3D imaging can provide further insight into garden space.

You can explore a wider range of options for your landscape.

 A 3D model of your landscape project is created from the concept plan. Your virtual landscape is viewable from any angle.

 You can experience your new garden before it is created.



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