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                                                                      Horticultural Services   Plant Order can help you create a new garden or makeover your existing one

Professional Horticultural and Gardening Services for the Sydney Region       



Creating new gardens

Your new garden can spring from the landscape plan into life.

From the ground up all the elements of your garden are fused.

 Landscape structures are constructed by qualified and certified contractors that are experienced in building great gardens .

Plants are supplied by quality assured nurseries in NSW.

Start growing the new garden you can enjoy now. 


Garden makeovers/privacy

Your garden may be in need of a makeover or new solution.

Soils can be improved with organics and new plants installed and mulched with bark to give you a fresh new look in the garden.

Privacy screens can be planted around your home as hedges in garden beds or pots.

Features can be added or removed to suit your sense of style.

Clear out all those weeds and start with a blank canvas. 



Maintaining your garden

Keeping your garden looking good requires healthy plants.

Your new landscape will require some maintenance .

 Plants need to be pruned regularly especially after flowering to promote luscious dense new growth and keep their form.

A horticulturist can help you in the garden with regular feeding, seasonal planting, mulching and pest and disease control.