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                                                                                          A Guide to Planting        Installing your new plant correctly will ensure you get the best results   

    10 easy steps to having perfect plants in your garden. Planting them like a pro.


Choose a spot for your plant that will allow plenty of room for it to grow, above and below the ground. Check for pipes and cables. Ensure soil to it is a mixture of large & small particles.


STEP 2 Dig a hole for your plant that is roughly twice as wide as the pot and as deep as the height of the plant's root ball. Give the pot a bit of a squeeze. If you have a stubborn one cut the pot's sides.


STEP 3 Remove the the plant from the pot by placing one hand on the top of the root ball and turn upside down. Squeeze the pot with your other hand as u ease the pot away from the root ball.


STEP 4 Tease and pull out the bottom of the root ball  with a knife or secateurs. This ensures the roots will spread down and out as the plant grows creating a stable foundation for the plant to grow.


STEP 5 Sprinkle a a teaspoon each of slow-release fertiliser & a water crystals (per 200mm pot volume), in the planting hole and roughen the edges of the hole. Take care with compacted clay soil as the hole may not drain, the hole fills with water & the plant drowns.


STEP 6 Place the plant in the hole, making sure that the top of the root ball is level with the top of the hole. Mound up soil underneath if it is too deep until it is at the right height.


STEP 7 Backfill the hole with your site soil, lightly tamping it with your hand or foot around the root ball. Backfill till it's level with the top of the root ball. Create a circular mound around the base.


STEP 8 Mulch the plant with a chunky wood bark to a minimum depth of 75-100mm. Ensure the base of our plant (collar) is clear from mulch as it can rot and your plant will be rather unhappy.


STEP 9 Water the base of the plant round the root ball and edges of the hole. Water in well for at least 5 minutes to establish the plant and remove any trapped air bubbles round the roots. Never water or apply pesticides to the foliage during the heat of the day or you can burn the foliage and damage the plant.


STEP 10 Water well for 3 minutes weekly for 3-4 weeks until the plant is established. Your plants will benefit from regular mulching to keep the water in the ground. During Sydney's extreme hot days they will also love you for giving them a brief drink to help them through the extremes..