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                                                                        The Hedge Selection   Planting a hedge will define the boundaries of your landscape   

A selected range of hedges that are suitable for properties in Sydney that use less water.      

Why plant a hedge in my garden? 

    Hedges function as fences or borders in the garden. They can provide privacy or screen out unwanted views. A hedge will create the bones of a structured garden design. Hedge plants are also useful plants for the garden's mid-canopy.

Protection from the elements

    A dense, tall hedge can reduce wind speed and provide shelter and create micro-climates for other plants. A good hedge on your properties boundaries can also block annoying headlights.

A private place in  your garden

   Your choice of hedge plant will provide living screens and you can create green rooms. A good dense hedge can also block an unsightly view.


Soften hard architectural features

    A good hedge will balance the structures that we live and work in. You can 'decorate' your house, building or shed with a hedge.

Encouraging lush growth

    Hedge plants should be cut back regularly as they are growing, especially early on. This will promote lush, dense growth.  This will give maximum leaf coverage and privacy. Prune your hedge so it is slightly wider at the bottom than top. This allows the sun to reach the lower parts.

Sculpting with plants

    The selected plant species are all suitable for pruning and shaping into any form that you desire. You can plant them in straight lines or get creative and make curves.


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