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                                                                         The Tree Selection  Planting a tree will add living structure to your landscape   

A selected range of trees and sizes that are suitable for properties in Sydney that use less water.


Why plant a tree in my garden?  

    Trees can provide many functions in your garden such as change the climate or as a feature that accents the vertical space or creates a focal point.

Shelter for shade loving plants

    They have the ability to create a ceiling or canopy for your garden making shady areas and creating small micro-climates that some plants need to grow in.

A lasting impression to your garden

   Your choice of tree will make a lasting impression as most trees will live between 50-100 years some trees can live for 1000s of years. Having a tree in your garden adds living structure and some species attract native birds.

How big a tree do I need?

    Make sure your tree is not too big for the space and has plenty of aerial clearance to grow. Also check the soil has good structure for stable growth. Check the tree will not block windows or drains.

Summer shade Winter sun

    If you want shade all year round choose an evergreen tree for your garden. Plant a deciduous tree on the hot west side of your house to help keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Spectacular Autumn colour

    Deciduous trees look spectacular in Autumn as the sugars are pumped into the leaves when it drops it's leaves until Spring when it grows fresh new leaves.


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